1st and 2nd Grade Math First 8 weeks

Al Qalam Academy · 2020-09-24

This course will cover the first quarter of 1st and 2nd grade school topics for the first 8 weeks. It will cover the topics in a way that will be easy to follow for any students regardless of previous knowledge. It is suitable for children ages 6 to 8. 

Ages: 6 – 8  

Class size: 3 – 8 kids

The course starts: October 7th , 2020

The course ends: November 27th, 2020

Meets: 2 times a week

Days of the week: Wednesdays, Fridays

Time of the class:  9:30 am to 10:20 am CDT

Class time: 50 minutes

Homework and quizzes will be assigned.

Most weeks will typically follow this pattern of learning:

Day 1 – Introduce weekly concept and practice

Day 2 – Review, apply, and enrich weekly concept


We will meet two times a week to learn, practice, and apply the following concepts:

Week 1 – Number Sense: Counting, comparing and number patterns

Week 2 – Place value  

Week 3 – Measurement and applying concepts of comparing, more and less

Week 4 –  Concept of addition

Week 5 –  Addition and word problems

Week 6 –  Concept of subtraction

Week 7 –  Subtraction and word problems

Week 8 –  Addition with regrouping in ones

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